What is at stake

By Deep Roots (German original here: Was auf dem Spiel steht)

„Maybe this is the disease of our days in the first place: Not to know that we are not alone, but just a link in a chain that reaches not only far into the past, but likewise into the future.“
Reader Lepanto1 in her comment quoted in my post Zum Jahreswechsel: Was die Pummerin uns sagt.

Inspired by Trainspotter’s Taming the Elites I have written this article to illustrate what outrageous, unimaginably far-reaching consequences our elite‘s treason will have in case of their success. It’s by far not merely about our own future, or that of our children or their children; it is much, much more than that which is at stake. To explain this, I have to go far afield.

According to our current knowledge the Cro-Magnons, the first European branch of Homo sapiens, appeared in Europe about 45,000 years ago. They must have been evolving somewhere else for quite a while in similar geographic and genetic isolation as Homo neanderthalensis, as they were then at least as evolved as the Neanderthals who had been there for about 170,000 years. The oldest fossils of modern Homo sapiens, about 195,000 years old, have been found in Omo Kibish in Ethiopia (German edition of National Geographic, March 2006: „Der lange Marsch um die Erde“ [„The long march around the earth“]). According to this map from „bild der wissenschaft“ 5-2012 („Denisova-Mensch: Ein Phantom tritt aus dem Schatten“ [„Denisova hominin: A phantom emerges from the shadows“], translated caption from the original article) anatomically modern humans began to spread into southern, central and northern Africa as well as into the Middle East at least since 110,000 years ago:

At least since 110,000 years ago anatomically modern humans expanded from East Africa (1) to the Arabian Peninsula and into the Middle East. About 50,000 years ago a population of modern humans mixed with the archaic Neanderthals (2). From this group several migration waves originated, the first along the southern coast of Asia (3). Presumably on the islands of Southeast Asia the Moderns met with archaic Denisova hominins – at least two hybridizations with them are verified (4). Bearers of Neanderthal-plus-Denisova DNA arrived in New Guinea and Australia 45,000 years ago (5).

According to the article „Die ersten Araber“ („The first Arabs“) in „Spektrum der Wissenschaft“ of April 2011 (from which the following map and caption are taken) Homo sapiens had crossed Arabia as early as 125,000 years ago and reached the Strait of Hormuz. („Spektrum der Wissenschaft“ is the German edition of „Scientific American“.) The findings from Qafzeh are also mentioned in „Der lange Marsch um die Erde“, where an age of 100,000 years is given for them; there it reads: „But this group never got farther and died out 90,000 years ago.“

According to latest archaeological findings Homo sapiens might have crossed the Bab-el-Mandeb early on, populated Southern Arabia and spread from there further into Asia (purple arrows). Thus they would have appeared in Jebel Faya 125,000 years ago. According to a scenario that has been discussed already before modern Man wandered on a northern route across the Suez area into the Levant – either coming from East Africa (green arrow) or from the Sahara (solid red arrow). His fossils were found in the caves of Es Skul and Qafzeh in Israel. In humid climate phases these human groups would have found enough waters in Arabia to settle this area too (dotted red arrows).

We are descended either from that branch of Northeast African Homo sapiens which spread across the Levant into Asia Minor and from there around the Black Sea to Europe, or maybe from the one that wandered, as shown on the first map, westward along the southern coast of the Mediterranean and eventually reached the northern slope of the Atlas Mountains. This was, as shown on the following map from „Spektrum der Wissenschaft“ 12-2010 („Als der Mensch fast ausstarb“ / „When Man almost died out“) a green region even in this age. There, separated from the Proto-Negroids in the South by the desert and from the Neanderthals in the North by the Mediterranean Sea, our ancestors might have evolved in genetic isolation to become the Cro-Magnons who later invaded Europe across the Strait of Gibraltar, which was even narrower during the Ice Age, to displace the Neanderthals.

From „Spektrum der Wissenschaft“ 12-2010 „Als der Mensch fast ausstarb“ / „When Man almost died out“; caption: SAVED NEAR THE SEA. Earth fell into an Ice Age 195,000 to 123,000 years ago, during which time wide parts of Africa became inhospitable for humans. Only few regions could have provided Homo sapiens with enough food, for he needed grass- and scrubland. Excellent conditions were offered by the South African coast with its nutritious plants and plenty of seafood.

But maybe both is true: maybe the Proto-Indo-Europeans are derived from the eastern branch that moved through the Middle East and around the Black Sea, while the ancestors of the neolithic Europeans (e.g. „Ötzi“) came across Gibraltar, later to be overlaid and absorbed by the Indo-Europeans. Maybe there were several such mixings of Eastern and Western Europeans during the many thousand years of their unrecorded history in Europe.

Anyway we have seen that it has been a long way that has led to us Whites of today: Homo sapiens has existed for at least 200,000 years, and that branch from which we are descended split off at least 130,000 years ago. One can assume that people similar to us have been there for at least 50,000, maybe even 100,000 years. And provided that no killer asteroid strikes and no super volcanos render Earth uninhabitable – and that our cosmopolitan enemies and our traitorous elites who collaborate with them do not succeed in wiping us out – nothing precludes that our distant descendants will still be there in another 100,000 years.

Descendants of people like these farmers from South Tyrol:

…or like this child on the „Wälderbähnle“ (a nostalgic steam train) in the Bregenzerwald, Austria…

…or like this girl on Heimaey, Iceland…

…or like these prominent and not-so-prominent ladies from America, Austria, Canada, England, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Scotland, Serbia and Slovenia:

Just imagine: a thousand human lifespans, during which time there could be at least thousand times as many of our descendants as our total number today, even in the case of a mere preservation of our current total population of about one billion, and ten times as many as the total number of all humans that have ever lived on earth! If they manage to demographically expand again, or even to reach the stars and to settle on distant worlds, then there will be even many more of them.

Such an expansion over several worlds would also lessen the risk of getting totally wiped out by super volcanoes, a killer asteroid or a nearby supernova explosion. Terrestrial life as a whole – in the form of the animals and plants they will take with them on their way to the stars – will get this improvement of chances which will only be possible in case of the continuity of the white peoples.

And even after one hundred thousand years the history of our descendants needs to be nowhere near its end. As we cannot assume that our evolution has already reached its end, they will probably be on the average even higher evolved, even more intelligent, beautiful and capable of creating a civilization as we are today. It might well be that by then even average women are as beautiful as Elin Nordegren…

…or Anni-Frid Lyngstad („Frida“ from ABBA):

And everything these immeasurably many beautiful, smart, creative and decent people could be, all they might achieve, the happiness, the fine life and the good things they could have, their very existence, is threatened to be wiped out and made impossible forever by what our cosmopolitan enemies do today, by what our traitorous elites and their underlings and fellow-travellers do or fail to do today – and depends on what we do or fail to do today. Within our lifespan it will be decided whether this unimaginably long and immensely rich future for the coming generations of our white peoples can happen – or whether it will perish with us and never be possible again.

As Alex Kurtagic put it at the end of his essay Alex Kurtagic on Why We Write:

It is puzzling to me that so many of my fellow Europeans seem to care so little for their culture and the civilization that their ancestors built over the past few thousand years. Perhaps it is because they take it for granted, because they are ignorant, because they are miseducated, because they are misinformed, because they are so focused on their own petty pursuits to notice what is happening around them, or because European civilization has been powerful for so long that they cannot imagine it collapsing and disappearing. In some cases, it is certainly because they are afraid: afraid of being ostracized, of losing their jobs, or losing their livelihoods — it is easier to pretend that the unpleasant realities they notice or otherwise hear about, that the apocalyptic scenarios prophesied by the likes of us, are but paranoid delusions dreamed up by a fringe clique of freaks, weirdos, rejects, Hitler fetishists, and nasty psychopaths — and that we are all equal, and that humans of any description, given equal amounts of food and opportunity, can produce the philosophy, the music, the science, the literature, and all the rest, to the same degree and with the same frequency that we have.

It is puzzling to me, because it seems rather obvious to nearly everyone else on Earth that European man has created an enormously attractive civilization. They value what we have more than many Europeans do. That is why immigrants would rather die among us than return home, as has so eloquently been made clear by the millions who risk their lives, and put up with any humiliation, every year, in order to reach our shores and have a piece of the European El Dorado — here in Europe, in North America, in Australia, and in New Zealand. They probably cannot believe their ears when they hear our politicians, our academics, our media people, and our liberals, extol the virtues of multiculturalism. They probably cannot believe their luck, and at the same time they cannot believe how stupid we are, to give it all away so freely and so easily, even to the point of attacking, persecuting, prosecuting, fining, and imprisoning the very few who openly object.

Like many of my coevals, I have found myself living in a sick world. Yet it is easy to see that there is an etiology and a point of infection, and that, for the moment, although the infection is far advanced, it can still be successfully treated: the pathogens — liberal utopians, corrupt careerists, ethnic radicals — are known and localized, and, while finding the cure may require research and an investment of time, nerve, and effort, said cure is within reach of intelligent minds. I may not be able to restore health to the European organism on my own, but as nature has been generous with me, I feel it is my civic duty to actively contribute to this effort. It is my hope that through my creative energy I may be able to leave the world a little better than I found it.

This is why I write.

Yes, and this is also why I write and do translations. The tree of the family of white peoples is withering. Storms of past times have already torn off some branches, peoples that have perished through miscegenation with other races and are bareley known today. The best-documented example are the Tocharians, who lived 1,700 to 4,000 years ago in the Tarim basin north of the Himalaya and from which several mummies have been found. The best known of these is the 4,000-years-old „Loulan Beauty“; below a reconstruction of her looks during her lifetime:

This people too spoke an Indo-European language which began to evolve 7,900 years ago; they used fabrics that resembled those made by the Celts and introduced ironworking in that part of the world. The Tocharians perished through interbreeding with neighbouring Asian peoples, and today their genes only live on in the form of admixtures in the Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kirghiz and Kazhaks. There were other white peoples outside of Europe that founded cultures in their respective regions and who either have been overwhelmed and exterminated by their non-white neighbours or have been dissolved by interbreeding with them. The Hittites, also an Indo-European people, whose language is the oldest of the known Indo-European languages and began to evolve from the Proto-Indo-European about 8,700 years ago, inhabited large parts of what is today’s Turkey and at times also the northern part of what is today’s Syria. They already mastered artifical irrigation by means of reservoir dams and canals, and they were the first to develop the production and processing of iron. Their rise to a major power is ascribed among other things to the superiority of their iron weapons, but already classical antiquity did not remember them any more.

The Indo-European language that is closest related to today’s Latvian and Lithuanian is Sanskrit, which suggests that the white conquerors who invaded India from the North had a common ancestry with the people of Latvian singer Elīna Garanča (below left). Over time miscegenation with the darker, Dravidian natives produced today’s peoples of India, whose caste system was probably designed to prevent this blending.

The ancient Persians too were originally white Indo-Europeans, likewise the ancient Egyptians, and other cases, from which fewer proofs have survived, are the „bearded white men“ the Central American Indians remembered in their legends and for whose returned descendants they mistook the Spaniards at first, or the people of the „Kennewick Man“, whose well-preserved, but 9,000 years old skeleton has been found in North America.

In those times only single white peoples were concerned by such extinctions, while the rest of our race remained undisturbed in a world of isolated regions. But today everything is at stake: All white nations are swamped by non-whites at the same time, are simultaneously exposed to inner subversion of their values and are simultaneously being ruled and betrayed by elites collaborating with aliens. And in contrast to earlier ages today all white peoples are confronted with the same racially alien enemy who corrupts our elites and has made them dependant: Jewry.

Today it’s about whether the tree of the white race will survive as a whole or fall forever; it’s about whether there will be any recognizable white nations continuing into the future. Thus we should also take to heart what Kevin Alfred Strom has written in the last paragraph of his essay My Political Education:

If we are to survive, we must not only have a burning desire that our descendants will carry on in the land our ancestors conquered and built; but we must also have an unshakable conviction of who we are. This is the contribution that the racial point of view makes to the patriotic struggle. Without a sure sense of our own identity, all else is for naught. If the enemies of America and the West manage to destroy all of our cities — if they raze them to the ground and with them destroy all our libraries, all the knowledge that prior generations of our race accumulated over thousands of years; if they destroy every work of art and science that has ever been created — it could all be built again, even greater than before. There could be another Athens, another Parthenon. There could be another Caesar, another Shakespeare, another Poe, another Darwin, another Edison, another Shockley. Our entire civilization could be built again from scratch, and our outreached hands could still grasp the stars, as long as the germ of our civilization — the gene pool of our race — remains intact. But if the evil or the thoughtlessness of a single generation corrupts that gene pool through racial mixing, or attenuates it through childlessness, what is lost can never be regained. If such evils persist much longer than a generation, the race will cease to be what it once was, and we and our kind will no longer walk the face of this planet. These are the truths that William Pierce and my other mentors taught me. They are hard truths. Perhaps I was, in some sense, already prepared for them. I hope that I am preparing the way for a generation who will carry the Truth, and our uniquely beautiful and noble race, to victory.

Hard truths indeed. This includes what our reader Pit has written in a comment (my translation):

In the context of genocide against the White race… I’m just listening


this guy has founded a White Students’ Group at some U.S. university; has invited Jared Taylor, whose presentation, only 30 mins, the rest is Q&A, ist also very good; this founding then became a global media event containing the most popular seditions against the White race: Nazi, genocide, slavery

o.K. my point is, this guy says in min. 18:

„once you see what’s happening to our people, that there’s a legitimate genocide going on, culturally and demographically, not only in this country but globally”

and a little later:

“and you really find out there are people who are our legitimate enemies of essentially the White Race that really actually want our extinction” (emphasis mine).

You really have to be clear about it: we are being wiped out. Systematically. On clear, calculated purpose.

This little finding provides me with the opportunity to add what I’ve forgotten in my previous post; in this context I wanted to point out another post of mine where I realize that the indispensable, logically consistent next step of the international financial Jews to maintain their system of robbery will be to wipe out the races, that is essentially the White race: so that there won’t be any more identitarian groups who could represent an independent interest which differs from that of the Jews.

Just imagine: What we might see as a somewhat extreme position, more a possibility, something that might happen if we do not counteract, is somewhere else being planned coolly and rationally and being executed.

The extermination of the White race doesn’t happen as a pleasant additional result for the enemies of the White race; it happens on clear conscious purpose. Because there’s not any other way for the Jews in finance.

Now I’m watching the videos of the generation identitaire and the brave fighters who call it a declaration of war. Okay. But… do we get what the circumstances of this war are?

Whites are waking up now, quickly and en masse: simply because the money is gone. But… the circumstances to which we wake up are… yes, they are such that we have lost by now. The Jews could easily finish us completely. They have stationed mercenary troops by the millions in our countries. They have blinded us and made us brainsick. We are unorganised. Our upper class stands in complete treason against us. All our civic systems, which, interestingly enough, all depend on the main system, the exchange of goods for money, are completely corrupted and could be imploded by the Jews at will – which of course is the tool par excellence for threatening and blackmailing.

How could it come to this? That Whites, in the moment they are awakening en masse, find themselves in a hopeless situation?

It is nothing else but the good old frog-in-the-pot effect: this ist he strategy of subliminality. The infiltration and corrupting of all our systems, the building of the mercenary troops, all this was always perfectly reasoned, and at no time it was possible to effectively resist, for systematically there were always too few who could see it and were ready to act.

And just when many can see it and are ready to act we are already checkmated:

THIS is the great victory of the murderers of the White race in their war against the White race.

What I want to say: many are waking up now; more and more, faster and faster. But this will only be answered by more „plagues of Egypt“. Do we have the robustness to withstand all this? Wir will have to learn immensely fast, will have to adjust ourselves, adapt ourselves, to deprivation, destitution, pain.

Given what we all and our children will be facing because of the coming upheavals, the distress, deprivations, sufferings and losses, given what is in danger of being destroyed by our enemies, given what it maybe will cost us personally if we do what is necessary to „secure the existence of our people and a future for the white children“, nothing – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – that future Nationalist governments will do to the traitors and their accomplices could be too hard a punishment.

Always remember:

„Those who forged their swords to ploughshares will plough for those who did not do so – if they are left alive at all.“

And in case everything is in vain and we will perish forever, because our enemies are too numerous or because we are too weak, I hope that the last Whites will act according this maxim I found on some American gun forum:

 „I came into this world kicking, screaming and covered in someone else’s blood. I plan to go out the same way.“

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Author’s note: Any blogger who’d like to do so may publish this post on his own site. Please feel free to correct any of my remaining mistakes you may still find in it (punctuation etc.).

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