The White Man’s Burden, 2013

Von William Solniger. Das Original The White Man’s Burden, 2013 erschien am 30. Dezember 2013 auf Counter-Currents Publishing/North American New Right (mit Dank an Rudyard Kiplings Original).


Take up the White Man’s burden –

Send forth the best ye breed

To heathen lands and peoples,

And spread the gospel creed:

The holy writ of Freedom

For each bodily demand,

The Human Rights liturgy,

And the Market’s ghostly hand.


Take up the White Man’s burden

(Which never fell to earth) –

With bullets, bombs, and lucre –

To bring to painful birth

The global constitution

Which all men should attain;

Go seek another’s profit,

And work another’s gain.


Take up the White Man’s burden –

No tawdry show of pride;

Like toiling serf or sweeper,

Your ancestry deride.

Those who first bore your burden

Are everywhere reviled,

And whites below your standing

Are half-devil and half-child.


Take up the White Man’s burden –

Fling open Europe’s door:

Let new-caught, sullen peoples

Supplant your native poor;

And when your goal is nearest,

The end for others sought,

Watch old-caught, sullen voters

Bring all your hopes to nought.


Take up the White Man’s burden –

Have done with „they” and „we” –

Old duties to your nation,

And others’ sovereignty;

Insist the world’s a cauldron

Where all races merge and flow;

And dwell not on the humour

That White Men alone think so.


Take up the White Man’s burden –

Ye dare not stoop to less

Than old conceit and humbug,

Cloaked in new humbleness:

The sickly moral perfume

Where stink of Profit roams;

The lust to build God’s Kingdom

On wrecks of others’ homes.


Take up the White Man’s burden –

And reap what you have sown:

The scorn of foreign peoples,

The hatred of your own;

You’re doomed to rude awakening,

But if you would be free,

Throw off the White Man’s burden –

And a man of Europe be!

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3 Kommentare

  1. logos

     /  Juni 14, 2017

    Tja, die Sängerinnen wissen mehr.

    • edwige

       /  Juni 14, 2017

      …. oder das hier! Sie verwenden zwar das „wording“ der Identitären, doch ohne Distanzierungen. (Siehe auch „Die Geste“)

      Und vielen Dank an @pils für den Hinweis auf „Forndom“.

  2. Siehe auch Les Brigandes: French Nationalist Pop von Patrick Le Brun auf „Counter-Currents“ (ein relativ kurzer Artikel aus 7 Absätzen plus zwei eingefügten Videos).


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